Samsung Galaxy Camera – Is it Practical?

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The article above discusses the new Samsung Galaxy Camera, which uses the Android operating system and can take advantage of 3G connectivity. After reading the article, many people will decide whether or not it is overkill. For myself, the idea of a camera using a 3G network and being able to use the android operating system doesn’t seem too innovative, considering most smartphones have built in cameras that does the same thing, but this device focuses more on the camera aspect and completely ousts its use as a phone.

The gadget is definitely cool, but not practical for those people who are willing to spend upwards of $500 on a camera. Generally, these people are looking for cameras like the DSLR Canon Rebel T3 with interchangeable lenses, and many more photography features and customizations compared to the Samsung Galaxy Camera. If someone has $500 to drop on this camera, don’t you think they would already have a smartphone to do all of the things the camera does? Probably. The only upside that I can think of for having a camera like this is being able to geotag your images, like you can do on your smartphone, but with higher quality images.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a great point and shoot camera with the cool addition of the Android OS. The real question is whether or not it is practical to purchase. What do you think?


Facebook Tests Ranked Comments and “Reply” Button on Comments

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Earlier today I had read an article about testing a new format for brand and subscriber page posts.

Facebook said in a statement to Mashable. “As part of this test, the most engaging comments appear higher up. You will also be able to reply to individual comments as well as the original post.”

In response to the brand and subscriber posts, I think it is a great idea. This will allow Facebook users to decide what is the most popular/controversial/engaging item in regards to a particular post. The highest ranked comment(s) would appear at the top of the comment list, and then others could reply to the comment. People usually will not scroll through hundreds or even thousands of comments, and this could be a very good improvement to Facebook. This seemingly small change could have a huge effect on how Facebook is used for companies and celebrities.

As for the second article concerning the ability to reply to comments on personal pages, I do not think this will be welcomed with praise from its users. I think the idea of essentially commenting on a comment is completely unnecessary on a personal page for the average user. We have to keep in mind that it could place comments of a posting chronologically out-of-order, and may become confusing when reading the post paired with the comments and the replies to the comments.

As you may have witnessed, many Facebook users were generally not happy with the implementation of the Timeline. Although these features may not be as significant, do you think there will be backlash if they are put in place, or will they be happily accepted?

Recreating Myself Through Online Branding

After becoming overwhelmed with some classwork here at Saint John Fisher College (mostly due to procrastination) I have decided to recreate myself and become more serious about the potential I have both here and in the workplace. In order to due so, I have begun to start from square one. This is basically a plan of action to brand myself to prospective employers. The article speaks of branding a specific product, or company. In this case, I am the product. I will be following the basic guidelines of the article and answering the questions in a more specific sense to apply to myself.

1. First ask yourself: Why are you using social media?

Social Media is a great tool to not only market your business as the article states, but also to market yourself. By putting yourself out there on sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and WordPress, you can reach a variety of audiences and network individuals that you may have not otherwise connected with. Just as a business gains clients, I must gain social capital in the professional world.

2. Who are you targeting?

Well most of my peers these social networking sites are targeting their peers, as a way to get information out, vent, or just post something they may find comical or interesting. I am starting from square one with new accounts to take a more professional approach. I will still obviously use these sites to keep in contact with friends, family, etc., but I am basically reinventing myself on these social networks. Some might say that by doing this I am “hiding my true self,” but I beg to differ. After much thought I am simply taking a more professional outlook on life and all that it may encompass, to better myself as not only a prospective employee but a person.

Basically, I have a new target audience (prospective employers,) so I will be posting interesting articles that pertain to my majors, my own professional interests, etc. This is new to me, so it will be a work in progress.

4. Where are you posting?

I will be posting on sites with Facebook as the hub for now. It is difficult to keep up with multiple social media sites without overlapping information, but I plan to use WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook. In the near future, I will acquire a domain name where I will create my own website to brand myself with links to all of these social media sites as a sort of online resume.

5. Commit. Hard

This is where I will find myself with the most trouble. Commiting to this will be an ongoing and neverending process in order to brand myself, with little space for error. In order to brand myself I have to represent myself properly and keep up with the latest in my field(s) of study, as well as uploading work and commenting articles apart of my studies.

6. Let technology help you.

I know there are a ton of sites out there that can help multiple social media sites collaborate or work with one another such as TweetDeck, but for now I believe I will be able to handle everything myself. It should not be too overwhelming at first. In the future I may take advantage of these technologies to keep myself more organized.


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Pre-Semester Thoughts of New Digital Cultures and Technologies Major

As you may know from my “About” page, I am currently enrolled at Saint John Fisher College. Upon initial enrollment to the college, I was not aware of what I wanted my major to be. After taking a few classes that were thrown my way by my advisor, I decided that I was interested in Applied Information Technology. Unfortunately, after deciding on this major, I realized that Fisher would no longer have this as a major. They promised to finish all of the students who had begun the program, but I realized this may be a nightmare with all of the scheduling conflicts of the remaining courses I had to take.

Professor Jeremy Sarachan than talked to me about a new major that was supposed to be approved during my Junior year, Digital Cultures and Technologies. Along with the track in Computer Science for this program, it seemed like a logical switch to follow through with this new program and oust AIT. Many of the same classes are required for classes that I have previously taken. Although I do not really know which route to take for my career, this major may provide immense opportunities for myself. Technology is immersed into our lives, whether it be through business, social life, education, etc. I plan to follow through with this program because I honestly enjoy it. I plan to get an internship or two in the next year or so to better explore my career opportunities.